Unicon 2014 Miniatures

Miniatures events are ideal for the more tactically minded. Muster your forces, plan your attack, prepare and then unleash the dogs of war!

For your enjoyment, we present the following:

Classic BattleTech Lance Assault

A Classic Battletech event for 4 to 12 participants consisting of no more than 1600 BV2.0 pre-3050 'Mechs each, organised by Stephen Mooney.

First To Fight!

A Flames of War event for 4 to 16, of up to 800 points each, organised by Django Upton and sponsored by the League of Ancients (Terrain), Zepnix Games and KayJay’s Games & Hobbies Cafe (Prizes).

Warmaster Fantasy

A 1000 point Warhammer Fantasy tournament event, organised by Jayden Barr and sponsored by Eureka Miniatures.

Wings of Glory

A Wings of Glory tournament for 4 to 16 players, organised by Django Upton and sponsored by Joe Dodgy's Dice and Games.


A one day 100 squad point Star Wars X-Wing tournament for 4 to 32 players, organised by Emil Zanettin.