Unicon 2014 Freeforms and Multiforms

Freeform events usually involve large groups of people - more than 6, and sometimes more than 20 - gathering into one large game. Typically emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming, and costumes are often encouraged.

Multiforms tend to be a combination of both tabletop and freeform events, with the participants sitting around the gaming table talking about what is occuring within the game, and at other times acting out the parts.

Unicon is proud to present the following freeforms and multiforms for your enjoyment:


A freeform for 15 to 18 people smart enough to stay in from the rain, set in the Deadlands Universe, by Random Jones.

The Pulse: mutants in an X-Men/Avengers movieverse

A freeform for 8 to 24 mutants in the Marvel Moview Universe, by Nat Rolfe.


A systemless multiform for twelve (or more) players by Peter Strong with a bit of help from William Shakespeare.


A game of psychology, horror and democracy for 7 or more players, run by Leigh Carr.