Wings of Glory

One hundred years ago the growing tensions between the great powers of Europe suddenly erupted into the bloodiest and most devastating war ever seen. The fighting on the ground was a wretched business; a hell of mud, blood and terror punctuated by the explosions of shells and the staccato ring of machine guns in which the colourful uniforms and battlefield chivalry of days gone by was but a distant memory. High above the ground it was a different story, individuals could still joust in colourful livery like the knights of old albeit in machines of wire and canvas instead of on horses.

Join the magnificent men in the their flying machines for 3 rounds of devil may care flying action. Will the Red Baron reign supreme? Will Biggles pull it off instead? Will Goering survive to fight another day or will Lord Flashheart be the one to make it home in time for tea and medals?

Wings of Glory is a fun game of dogfighting WWI aircraft using miniatures and cards. A range of miniatures will be available to use (selected randomly) or you can bring your own.

Adult Content:
Rules Knowledge:

A Wings of Glory tournament for 4 to 16 players, this event runs during Session H.