“Tsu bi oru noto tsu bi.”
“Yuki! Wrong! That’s Hamuretto.
“Sorry Iwako-chan, how does it go?”
“Sigh. Megumi you try!”
“Romio, Romio, where’s Romio?”
“That’s not quite right either. Also it needs to be in English” 
“Okay you do it then Iwako-shan!”
“What me, no I couldn't”
“Yes you can, try it”
“Umm Romio, Romio waa fua atsu sau Romio”
“That's perfect”
“No way! I'm not doing Jurietto!”
“Go on Iwako-chan”
“No way Sakura-chan!”
“Please! I'll stand in for Romio!”
“No way!!!"
"No Iwako's right, she shouldn't do it"
"Thank you Rurika."
"Because my big brother isn't in the same class so he can't play Romio to Iwako's Jurietto!"
"I'm surounded by idiots! How about we let someone else get the chance to shine, to show of their talent."
"Ohh kaaay Iwako-chan"

Join Kameyama High School's class 1-2 2037 production of Romeo and Juliet.

Adult Content:
Genre Knowledge:
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A freeform for 12+ characters in Peter Strong's ongoing gaming Universe, running in Session H.

Note: this game was run at this years Arcanacon but past players are welcome to play again