Motokoni Taibouken Dosu.

Son Michi of Kameyama High School's class 1-4 pressed her back hard against the corridor wall hoping not to be noticed as her two friends looked at her with amused expressions on their faces. Several weeks had gone by since "that" incident. The day of the infamous performance of Romeo and Juliet by class 1-2. The day a single question by the geekiest boy in the school, Ishida-sama, had reduced the most popular girl in the history of Kameyama High to tears. "That girl", Tsuyosaki Iwako, had disappeared from the school and Ishida-sama had been dragged away by his classmates to apologise to her. Nothing was seen of them for three whole days and Michi had feared that Ishida-sama had been abducted by corporate thugs, after all "She" was the heiress of the biggest company on the planet. However they did return and Ishida-sama seemed to have been forgiven. To most of the people at school Ishida-sama was the lowest but to Michi, he was her hero even though she hasn't had the courage to actually talk to him and tell him that.

Michi is determined that today is the day that she will finally summon up the courage to not only speak to Ishida-sama but with the help of her friends in Kameyama High’s occult club, convince him to help uncover the evil truth...

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M - 15+ Adult Themes
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A single session scenario for 4 to 6 players, available in Sessions B, C and F, set in Peter Strong's ongoing gaming universe. Knowledge of previous games is not required to play.