First to Fight!

Flames of War is an easy, fun and popular set of miniatures rules. Players control a company of World War Two troops in battle using 15mm scale miniatures.

The rules used will be Flames of War Third Edition including any updates and errata listed at

Play will consist of four 1.5 hour rounds on Saturday 4th October, starting at 9:00am.

Players will use fully painted 15mm scale Early War forces of up to 800 points from an official briefing from or book including any updates to V3. Forces may not include any tank teams with top armour 2 or other armour rating higher than 4.

The draw will be by Swiss chess by accumulated VP score with the best attempt made to match historical opponents. If necessary an extra player will play byes to make the numbers even.

Recon teams may scout enemy Objectives by using “Eyes and Ears” on an objective they are contesting. If the game would be a mutual loss according to the normal victory conditions the player who has successfully scouted more enemy objectives is the winner.

Missions played will be randomly drawn from Fair Fight and Mobile Battle Missions in the Rulebook.

Trophies and prizes will be awarded to first and second place by VP and the best army as voted by the players. Countback for places shall be by the results of their games if they have played each other, otherwise by sum of opponents’ scores.

Army lists are to be received by the organiser at before Sunday September 21, 2014.

Players are to register to play session B and C which covers the timeslots required to play 4 rounds.

An additional $2 must be paid to the Organiser for prize support.

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