Classic BattleTech Lance Assault

"The year is 3048 - as the Fourth Succession War tears the Inner Sphere apart, rogue representatives of the Great Houses, Mercenary and Pirate factions clash in a mysterious covert tournament known as "Lance Assault" where the stakes are high and the fighting merciless...are you up to the challenge?"

For this tournament, players are to construct a Battletech Lance of choice consisting of no more than 1600 BV2.0 pre-3050 'Mechs.

The rules employed for the tournament will be the latest iteration of Catalyst Games Labs' Introductory CBT as found in the 25th Anniversary Introductory Boxed Set (2nd ed).

1. Only 'Mechs are allowed - no infantry, armour, flyers, battle armour etc...

2. All pilots' Piloting and Gunnery values will be rolled for on the day under TO supervision and will be the same throughout the game.

3. Please provide the Tournament Organizer with a list of 'Mechs as well as copies of the Mech Record Sheets no later than Monday September 22nd, 2014.

4. Player attendance requirements:

  • own miniatures representing the Battlemechs used. Loan miniatures are certainly available by prior arrangement with the Tournament Organizer (first-come first-served basis, please contact TO for a list of available Loan 'Mechs)
  • at least 4 copies of their Mech record sheets (one for each game - though a laminated version is also usable with whiteboard markers - inlcuding one for the optional "Showdown" round should time allow for it).
  • The same Battlemech variant will be used for each round (no OmniMech re-tooling allowed) of the tournament.
  • A copy of the QRS tables, at least four sets of 2d6, pencils/whiteboard markers if players' Mech sheets are laminated.

Map boards will be supplied and players assigned to a different map for each round in this Swiss-style tournament.

All players will be provided with certificates of attendance/ranking and other prizes will likely be available by game day.

Please direct all enquiries to the Tournament Organizer at

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A one day 100 squad point Star Wars X-Wing tournament for 4 to 12 players, this event runs in the Rego Session and Session A.