You have eight sessions to fill with gaming goodness, and there are lots of events on offer.


'Tabletop' gaming has been the traditional dice & paper type of roleplaying game that many con-goers are familiar with, but as roleplaying has evolved, it has grown to include systemless and multiform games - games without dice, and in some cases even without a table.

Freeforms and Multiforms

Freeform events usually involve large groups of people - more than 6, and sometimes more than 20 - gathering into one large game. Typically emphasis is on character interaction rather than dice-based gaming, and costumes are often encouraged.

Multiforms tend to be a combination of both tabletop and freeform events, with the participants sitting around the gaming table talking about what is occuring within the game, and at other times acting out the parts.


Pathfinder Society is an organised play campaign enjoyed by thousands of gamers worldwide who regularly meet to enjoy the game in their homes, in game stores, and at game conventions such as Conquest and Unicon.

Miniatures and Boardgames

For those that like their games tactical, there are a selection of wargames and miniature events spanning the weekend, plus everyone's favourite board games.