You can't pay for Unicon through the online registration system, but that unfortunately doesn't mean its free :-).

  • Visitor's pass - $2 for the whole Convention.
  • Player registration - $8 per session, topping out at ...
  • Get Wrecked registration - $48 for all the gaming you can eat. Er, play.

The charge for each session covers the cost of room hire, the administration of the con and prizes - all the efforts of the writers and conorgs are supplied for free by the dedicated volunteers.


To make things easier, we are allowing pre-payment before the convention starts, via a direct transfer into our bank account. Details are:

  • Bank: Westpac
  • Account Name: Conquest Games Inc.
  • BSB: 033005
  • Account Number: 331811
  • Description on receiver’s account: Attendee Number followed by attendee name (eg 367 John Smith)

Prepayments must be made by Monday the 29th of September so we have time to reconcile payments before the convention starts.